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Wall Mount Adjustable Basketball Goal


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This Wall Mount Adjustable Basketball Goal is ideal for small commercial and residential gyms. It features a 6 foot glass backboard and breakaway rim to give it the look and playability of a heavier system.

Available on backorder

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Product Description

This Wall Mount Adjustable Basketball Goal is ideal for small commercial and residential gyms. It features a 6 foot glass backboard and breakaway rim to give it the look and playability of a heavier system.

Height Adjustment
The manual height adjuster lowers the rim to 6’ and raises it to 10’, for players of all ages and skill levels.

Tempered Glass Backboard
This wall mount adjustable basketball goal comes with 3/8” tempered glass backboard. Just like NCAA and NBA courts, the overall size of the backboard is 72” x 42”. The frame is powder coated heavy gauge steel with an anodized aluminum outer band.

Clear View Design
Just like heavier competition backboards, this system comes with a clear view backboard, designed without any steel framework directly behind the glass. Instead, the supporting steel is attached at the backboard’s frame, giving players a clear view through the glass.

Breakaway Rim
This goal comes standard with a double spring breakaway rim. And, unlike other systems, the rim on this goal features NBA style hide away net attachment.

Backboard Pads
The backboard pads are included for free and they come pre-attached, reducing installation time. The pads are constructed of dense urethane foam with an outer protective skin.

Corrosion Resistant
The goal is manufactured for installation indoors or out. The heavy gauge steel frame is powder coated to reduce corrosion. Pivot points are protected with nylon bushings to prevent metal on metal contact. All hardware is stainless, galvanized, or zinc plated.

A 2 man crew can install this wall mount adjustable basketball goal in 1-1/2 to 2 hours. Having some common sense construction knowledge is a must. There are no specialty tools required. Anyone who thinks they have the skills to install this type of equipment, likely has the tools already on hand. And if not, it’s great excuse to increase your tool collection.

You will need a drill and possibly a impact driver to anchor the unit to the wall. You’ll need a level to make sure it’s not crooked. The only other tools needed to install this goal are a socket set and a few wrenches and screwdrivers. You’ll also need something tall to rest the backboard on while attaching it to the frame work. Unless you have two strong buddies who can hold the backboard in place while you attached the hardware. In lieu of strong buddies, we have found that a couple A-frame ladders work great. Or, if you have scaffolding, that works too. We’ve done it both ways. Either way, it takes two able bodied guys to get the backboard off the ground and into position.

Hardware to anchor the basketball goal to the wall is not included. This hardware will vary depending upon the type of wall it is being anchored to.

Note: The rectangular frame that mounts to the wall, must be anchored into wall framing or a part of the wall able to support the weight of the goal.

The purchaser accepts all liability for damage, injury, or death resulting from improper installation of this basketball goal. South Texas Sport Court Flooring accepts no liability for injury, damage to property, or loss of life as the result of untrained, inexperienced, or unskilled individuals installing this equipment or for equipment that is installed improperly.

Weight and Shipping
The goal weighs 260 pounds. It is shipped on a 4’x6’ pallet that is delivered via freight truck.

We ship within the continental United States.  If you would like this basketball goal or other gym equipment shipped elsewhere, please contact us so that we may provide a custom shipping quote.

If you have questions about any of our projects, Sport Court® gym flooring, or any of the products we sell, please contact us right away.

Additional Information

Weight 260 lbs
Dimensions 72 × 48 × 24 in

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