South Texas Sport Court offices in San Antonio and works throughout South Texas.  Our gym flooring projects range in size from a few hundred square feet to several thousand square feet.  We also install basketball goals, wall pads, and volleyball systems.  The people who work on a our projects are employed as independent subcontractors who work for us from time to time as projects are ready for installation.

Working with South Texas Sport Court is ideal for people who need occasional work in order to earn extra money or to fill gaps in their existing work schedule.

Sport Court Texas Dealers

If you would like to apply to work on our projects, please read the descriptions below, check out of Projects Page, and check out our YouTube channel to get a better idea of what we do.

Flooring Labor

When installing a large gym floor, we like to have a crew of 5 to 7 people who work prepping the concrete floor slab, rolling out and taping down the rubber underlayment, and installing the Sport Court® flooring.  These people usually only work a day or two on each project.  They may occasionally help with installation of volleyball floor sleeves, cove base molding, wall pads, and other job site activities.

Skilled Labor

In addition to installing Sport Court® gym flooring, we also install basketball goals, wall pads, and volleyball systems.  Those individuals who fit into a Skilled Labor category, work on all aspects of the gym flooring installation as well as all of our other activities.  These individuals should have a perfectionist mindset and be able to dedicate several days to each project.

If you would like to be considered to work on our projects, please fill out the form below.

Traveling is not a requirement. We often have helpers who only work on projects near them.
We have two distinct positions. Flooring Labor: This position is mostly limited to laying the gym flooring. This is usually 1 to 2 days work on each project. Skilled Labor: This position is for everything that we do including installation of gym flooring, basketball goals, volleyball systems, & wall pads. This position requires greater attention to detail, and involvement on a project from start to finish.
Lifting heavy weight is NOT a job requirement for those applying for Flooring Labor. A sheet of flooring weighs less than 10 pounds. Those applying for Skilled Labor should be able to lift 100 pounds.
The Sport Court® dealer network has offices across the United States. If you have a reliable 1/2 ton or greater truck/van/SUV, capable of towing a cargo trailer, and you work out well for our office, then we may refer you to other Sport Court® offices.