In 2014, NBC Sports declared that pickleball was the fastest growing sport in America.  The USA Pickleball Association estimates that the number of places to play this growing sport has increased roughly 400{b6913b92a1d3ed47eff65d9e232bcb720a4fa0ea5f4237076a1666f48efa5d84} in the past decade.  Whether it’s being played on a backyard court, in a home gym, or at a commercial gym, Sport Court® flooring gives you the safest surface for every court based sport.

South Texas Sport Court is not only your source for Sport Court® gym flooring, but also for complete pickleball net systems and other gym equipment.

Pickleball net systems are available as stand alone systems, such as the one shown in the above photo, or as a height option in multi-functional net systems which can also be used for badminton and volleyball.

Pickleball net systems are also available as portable systems which sit on the court or gym floor and do not require sockets in the building foundation and do not require holes in the gym floor.  These systems are most frequently used when two courts are set up for cross court play on a tennis court.

One of the great benefits of portable systems, is not only a slightly lower cost, but also the fact that these systems can be moved from one facility to another as needed.

To learn more about pickleball net systems or Sport Court® gym flooring or to get a quote for your gym equipment, please contact South Texas Sport Court.