Gymnasium Wall Pads

South Texas Sport Court offers installation of wall and column pads.  We provide this service to help streamline the construction process for our clients.  We have founds that fewer installation crews and fewer companies trying to schedule these crews, makes every project run more smoothly.  By installing the basketball goals, volleyball systems, wall pads, and Sport Court® gym flooring, we are able to fine the delivery of materials and installation to avoid delays and save money.

Wall pads come in a variety of sizes and colors.  Flat wall pads typically measure 6’ tall x 2’ wide.  If they are to be installed permanently, then wood backed pads are usually the best option.  However, there are cases where wood backing is not necessary or may even be inappropriate.  For instance, if pads are going on a folding door and need to be removed from time to time.  Or, when pads need to be taken down to be used as tumbling mats.  These are two scenarios where it is best to have pads with wood backing.

Wood Backed Wall Pads

Wood backed pads are available with a anchoring flange at the top and bottom or without.  These pads are also available without the anchoring flange.  The type of pad to best fit your project is determined by how they will be anchored and to what they will be anchored.

If you are using pads without the anchoring flange, then the pads will need to hang on aluminum Z Rails.  The rails are a hidden fastener system that goes between the pads and the wall.

If your gym has plywood walls or if wood blocking was installed between the studs, then you can use wall pads with an upper and lower anchoring flange.  On the other hand, if your gym has drywall over metal studs, without any wood blocking, then Z Rails are the better choice.  In either case, the wall pads should not be anchored only to drywall.  Pads should always be anchored to studs, blocking, or plywood.  Drywall is not strong enough to support the long term weight of the wood backed wall pads.

Wall Pads without Wood Backing

These pads are most frequently used for temporary installation or when the pads need to fold around a column or corner.  They are usually attached to the walls or columns with hook and loop fastener.  Without the wood backing, the pads weigh significantly less and can be supported without heavy anchors.

Vinyl Covering and Colors

The vinyl wrapped around the pads is 14oz per square yard with a faux leather grain finish.  The vinyl is available in 17 colors.

Wall Pads Color Options

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