In January 2020, the School of Science and Technology Alamo welcomed students returning from the Christmas break.  But, rather than returning to the school they had attended the prior December, they were coming to SST’s newest campus.  This was the second brand new building for the School of Science and Technology in the San Antonio region.  They had also constructed new campuses in Corpus Christi and Houston in 2019.

Prior to building new stand alone school buildings, SST housed many of their locations in repurposed retail space.  Indeed, the SST Discovery campus is located in an old Albertson’s Grocery Store.  The building sat empty for many years until becoming a school.

The Project Team

The School of Science and Technology Alamo was designed by the architectural firm, WorkPlace Collaborations, headquartered in New Braunfels, Texas.  This small firm, headed up by architect Aaron Clark, focuses on projects in the San Antonio/Austin corridor.

The developer on this project was Casey Development, San Antonio’s largest commercial real estate developer.  Casey Development, founded in 1992 by Darren Casey, is well known in San Antonio for their numerous projects throughout the region.  They are multi-dimensional, successfully completing projects in education, retail, industrial, multifamily, self storage, and student housing.

Construction of the new school was undertaken by Baxter Contracting, a subsidiary of Casey Development.  As with some of the other SST campuses, the construction schedule was compressed to just under 1 year.

School of Science and Technology

School of Science & Technology Alamo
11214 N. Weidner Road
San Antonio, Tx 78233

South Texas Sport Court Comes Aboard

South Texas Sport Court was brought into the project as the building’s steel frame was being erected.  At that time we had already installed Sport Court® high gloss gym flooring at another SST campus in San Antonio and at two campuses in Corpus Christi.  Having this prior experience, we were able to make gym specific product recommendations to Matthew Sawina, Baxter’s project manager.

Our on site activities began in late 2019, as the campus was near completion.  As with many other new construction projects, we provided the overhead basketball goals and volleyball system from Gared Sports, the wall pads, and gym flooring.

The basketball goals chosen for this project were Gared Sports ceiling suspended forward folding systems with 6 foot glass backboards, breakaway collegiate rims, and electric height adjusters.  The two basketball goals and the wall pads were installed while other trades were wrapping up their work in the gym.

The School of Science and Technology Alamo chose Sport Court® Response High Gloss Maple Select gym flooring.  Unlike all other gym floors, Sport Court® Response provides lateral energy shock absorption, to reduce injuries and fatigue.  Not only is this the safest gym floor in the world, it also has lower install costs and lower life cycle costs when compared to other gym floors.

The gym flooring and volleyball sleeves were the last items to go into the gym.  In fact, with such a tight construction schedule, we were finishing up minor details as the teachers and staff were moving into the new campus.

Honorable Mention

Honorable mention on this project goes to Dustin White, Baxter’s Site Foreman.  Dustin took over mid way through the build and was there while we did our work.  Dustin was well organized and seemed to keep all of the various trades on target.  And, of all the project sites we’ve worked on over the years, this one was the cleanest and safest we’ve ever seen.  We look forward to working with Dustin again.

Dustin White Casey Development Baxter Construction

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