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Savvy commercial gym owners recognize the inherent benefits of Sport Court® gym flooring.  And, the coachers and players also see these benefits.  Whether the measure is financial, durability, longevity, or portability, Sport Court® gym flooring just makes sense.

Room to Grow
Sport Court® gym flooring is versatile.  It can be removed and reinstalled.  It can be added onto.  As the needs of a commercial gym change over time, Sport Court® flooring can be adjusted for those changes.  No other gym floor has this type of versatility.

No Closed Courts
In a commercial gym setting a closed court is a loss in revenue.  Unlike hardwood and vinyl, Sport Court® gym flooring is resistant to moisture damage.  And, unlike other floors, Sport Court® flooring can be quickly repaired by on site staff.  This means your courts stay open and your clients keep coming back.

Fewer Injuries
Tournament organizer have reported roughly half as many injuries on Sport Court® gym flooring.  This is in comparison to play on hardwood courts.  Thousands of coaches around the world have reported similar injury reductions.  No other floor offers this level of safety.

Better Performance
Traction and ball bounce are important.  Nobody like dead spots.  And, nobody likes slippery flooring.  A bad gym floor in a commercial gym, means fewer players, less repeat business, and a drop in sales.  Sport Court® gym flooring provides ball bounce similar to a high dollar hardwood court.  But, with Sport Court® flooring, there’s no dead spots and the ball bounce is quieter.  Cushioned vinyl floors are well know to be too grippy or too slippy.  Either case can lead to more injuries.  Sport Court® flooring offers the perfect level of traction, similar to hardwood.

Longer Lifespan
Wood and vinyl gym floors often fail in the first 10 to 15 years.  This shortened life is sometimes due to moisture.  Or, in the case of cushioned vinyl, the floor might blister or seams might separate.  Commercial gyms may not have the funds to replace their flooring so often.  Sport Court® flooring is warranted for 15 years.  But, it is proven to last much longer.  In fact, we’ve seen Sport Court® gym flooring exceed 25 years.  No other gym floor has this long a lifespan.

More Design Options
Sport Court flooring is available is 16 solid colors.  These are available with or without our proprietary urethane coating.  We also have 6 color options of high gloss maple wood grain flooring.

Lower Lifecycle Costs
Sport Court® gym flooring requires no annual maintenance.  Simply clean the floor as you would with any other flooring surface.  On the other hand, maintaining a hardwood gym floor is expensive.  Hardwood floors require a fresh urethane topcoat every year.  This comes at a cost of about $0.50 to $0.75 per square foot.  Or, $3,000 to $4,000 annually.  And, top coating a hardwood floor requires a gym shut down for several days.

Lower Install Costs
Sport Court® gym flooring is installed for about 25% to 50% less than hardwood.  Commercial gyms often have limited construction budgets.  A lower cost floor may free up funds for other equipment.

Contact Us to Learn More
We’re happy to meet with you to discuss your project.  We have plenty of design experience to help with layout and floor plans.  We’re also gym equipment experts.  Our goal is to help commercial gym owners open quickly with the best products at unbeatable prices.  Please contact South Texas Sport Court to discuss your project.

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