Jubilee Academies Kingsville broke ground on a new gym building in January 2019.  The new structure includes a small lobby, administrative offices, a commercial kitchen, storage space, and a coaches office.  The gym also serves as the cafeteria.

Prior to moving to their current property, Jubilee Kingsville was housed at the nearby Kingsway Family Church.  While at Kingsway, the students and staff at Jubilee were able to enjoy a large gym which had Sport Court® gym flooring.

The Sport Court® flooring at Kingsway was purchased used from the San Antonio Spurs over 20 years ago.  Despite the age of the floor, it has no structural defects or any problems which impact play.  Other than the usual age related scuff marks, the floor is in fantastic condition.

Steven Solis, the Associate Director at Jubilee Academies Kingsville, indicated that their happiness with the much older Sport Court® floor at Kingsway, led them to choose Sport Court® for their new campus.

As with most other private and charter schools, which operate on less funding than public schools, having a gym floor which reduces injuries, requires little maintenance, and is proven to have unequaled longevity is quite desirable.  Sport Court® gym flooring provides these and other benefits.

The new floor at Jubilee was installed in late 2019, while the students were out for the Christmas break.  The bulk of the installation was done in three days.  In addition to the flooring, South Texas Sport Court also installed the volleyball post sleeves and the wall pads.

Jubilee Academies Kingsville is part of the San Antonio based Jubilee Academies charter school system.  Jubilee has campuses in San Antonio, Austin, Kingsville, and the Rio Grande Valley.  The Kingsville campus serves grades Pre-K thru 8th.  For additional information about Jubilee Academies Kingsville, please visit their website.

To learn more about Sport Court® gym flooring or to get our expert assistance laying out your gym, please contact South Texas Sport Court.

Jubilee Academies Kingsville

Jubilee Academy
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