When Cruising Kitchens, a world leader in custom design and construction of food trucks and trailers, moved into their new 60,000+ square foot facility, it didn’t take long for owner, Cameron Davies, to develop a building layout that went way beyond simple form and function.  Davies’ design includes several elements which give his employees an opportunity to burn off steam and recharge.  The latest of these employee benefits is a half court basketball court which staff can use to hone their shooting skills during breaks and after work.  Other parts of the building house a weight lifting and workout gym, kitchen complete with old school arcade games, an indoor golf putting green, large mobile sound systems, a barber shop, and big screen televisions.

The flooring that Davies’ chose for the half court is Sport Court® High Gloss Dark Maple.  This floor provides the look and surface friction of hardwood, without the high cost and maintenance hassles.  But, a lower cost wasn’t the primary factor in choosing Sport Court®.  Cruising Kitchens is a manufacturing facility.  Various trades people move about the facility with monstrous rolling work stations, doing a variety of metal working.  They also apply vinyl wraps and install electrical systems, generators, lighting, plumbing, and more to their unique projects.  And, let’s not forget the “Kitchens” part of the name.  The majority of the vehicles coming into their shop, are mobile kitchens.  So, all size and scale of food prep devices are going into these trucks and trailers.

Given all of the heavy weight action at Cruising Kitchens, it only makes sense that Davies’ would want a floor that could withstand the occasional weight of a truck or trailer.  And, in the event that a piece or section of the floor was damaged, replacement of that area had to be quick and easy.  Of course, this half court also had to be a top tier gym floor.  So, it had to look and perform great.  Only Sport Court® gym flooring meets all these needs.

The project also included the installation of a 6’ glass backboard from Gared Sports.  Altogether, the entire construction of the half court took just 2 days.  One day to install the basketball goal and the other to install the Sport Court® gym flooring.

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