In 2017, Lighthouse Charter School, added a new gymnasium and classroom wing.  The project, designed by architect Gerry Noriega with GNA, totaled just over 15,000 square feet with nearly half of that space being used for the gym.  The remainder of the building included an athletic office, storage space, restrooms, and classrooms.

Prior to construction of the new wing, the students at Lighthouse Charter School did not have an indoor gym and all of their athletic activities took place on a small outdoor soccer field.

Located near the southern edge of Northside Independent School District and not very far from Edgewood ISD, Lackland ISD, and Southwest ISD, Lighthouse Charter School is one of the few schools in the area with an actual gym floor.  Most of the nearby elementary schools either have bare concrete in their gyms or vinyl composition tile (VCT), the same tile used in retail commercial spaces.  So, for many of the students attending Lighthouse Charter School, the Sport Court® gym flooring, is possibly the first or the only true gym floor they have ever been on.

One of the many benefits of Sport Court® gym flooring is portability should the floor need to be moved and then re-installed.  Of course, no one ever expects to relocate their gym floor.  Indeed, most people tend to think of flooring as a permanent piece of the building.  However, having a floor which is able to be moved can be quite beneficial in the event of a localized water leak or remodeling in which case sections of the floor may need to be temporarily moved while work is being done.

In the case of Lighthouse Charter School, the Sport Court® flooring was fully installed and then fully removed just a few weeks later so that flatness problems with the building’s concrete foundation could be corrected.  Once the foundation was fixed, the flooring was re-installed.

We hope that when you install your next gym floor, that there’s no need to remove it.  But, if you choose Sport Court®, you’ll have the additional piece of mind knowing that removing and re-installing your floor won’t be a huge expense or a huge headache.

To learn more about Sport Court® gym flooring, please contact South Texas Sport Court.

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