The Skidmore home gym was completed in the summer of 2020 as construction of the home was wrapping up.  Located just west of San Antonio, this home gym features a 1,500 square foot basketball court with two goals.  It also has a climbing wall positioned in one corner and space to the side of the court for exercise equipment.

South Texas Sport Court was chosen to install the basketball goals, wall pads, and the Sport Court® Response High Gloss Maple Select gym flooring for this home gym.

The primary basketball goal is a side fold wall mount system from Gared Sports.  This goal has an aluminum framed 6 foot glass backboard with a break away rim.  The design of this goal, features a hinged backstop which allows the board to fold flat against the wall.  This system is a great option for smaller multi-sport spaces.  Indeed, we have installed these goals in several home gyms.  Wall mount backstops from Gared are also available as stationary or with fold up functionality.  Height adjusters can be added to any of these backstops when players want the rim lower than 10 feet.

The secondary basketball goal is a lighter duty system from Goal Setter.  This goal is made with a built in height adjuster which lowers the rim to 6 feet.  These goals are a great lower cost option as a secondary goal.  However, we do not usually recommend these for higher level play.

Our client chose wall pads to go on the walls under both basketball goals.  Because the walls were 3/4 inch plywood, we were able to attach directly to the wall, without any extra hardware.  This type of install saves time and money.  The gym had a Utah State color scheme, so the wall pads are grey to match the color scheme and stand out on the dark navy blue wall.

The flooring chosen for the Skidmore home gym was Sport Court® Response high gloss Maple Select.  This flooring limits physical injuries with superior energy absorption and lateral stress reduction.  As is now widely recognized, bare concrete, vinyl tile, carpet, and cushioned vinyl floors are no longer acceptable alternatives for a safe gym floor.

Sport Court® is the only brand of flooring to feature patented “Lateral Forgiveness”.  This is the unique ability for Sport Court® flooring to absorb lateral energy forces to reduce the likelihood of injury.

The Sport Court® Response high gloss surface replicates the traction of a hardwood floor, but without the ongoing maintenance required by hardwood.  The high gloss Maple Select flooring is available in standard light maple wood grain and 5 other wood grain stain color options.  Response high gloss is also available in 16 solid colors.  In addition to high gloss, this floor is available without the high gloss coating.

Watch the Complete Installation of this Home Gym

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