The Neighborhood Place, a campus of Family Services Association, installed Sport Court® gym flooring as part of a remodel in 2017.  The property, originally developed by the Edgewood Independent School District, is now used for a variety of programming to benefit the local community.  At the time of the remodel, the flooring in the gym was the original vinyl composition tile presumably installed when the gym was constructed decades earlier.

South Texas Sport Court first looked at the project in the summer of 2017 at the request of Nick Bauch, the construction project manager with the Sabinal Group.  Nick had prior experience with Sport Court® as well as knock off products.  He knew from this experience that Sport Court® was not only the superior product, but the very best option for the multi-purpose gym at the Neighborhood Place.

Facility staff and the project’s architect went with Nick’s recommendation to use Sport Court® gym flooring.  Ice Blue and Orange Sport Court® Response was delivered and installed roughly 6 weeks after our initial site visit.

Response is available with a proprietary multi-layer UV cured urethane high gloss finish or with Sport Court’s traditional satin pearl finish.  USA Volleyball and NCAA Volleyball have been using Response flooring for over 20 years.  Today, these organizations and many others, prefer high gloss Response.  However, before the high gloss coating technology was perfected, the original satin pearl Response was what budget and safety conscience tournament organizers chose.

Choosing the traditional satin pearl Response, gave the Neighborhood Place a cost savings of around $1.50 per square foot compared to high gloss Response.  This savings allowed for the purchase of a new volleyball system and installation of the floor sleeves with money left over.

The remodeled gym at the Neighborhood Place is a multi-use building.  Family Services Association uses the gym and other buildings on the campus for:

  • Parenting Classes
  • Family Violence Prevention
  • Financial Planning
  • Youth Education and Scholarship Guidance
  • Anti-Gang Initiatives
  • Emergency Clothing and Diaper Resources
  • English as a Second Language Classes
  • GED Classes
  • Behavioral and Mental Health Counseling

In addition to the flooring, South Texas Sport Court also provided the new volleyball system and installation of the floor sleeves.  Installation of the flooring took approximately 3 days and was completed on July 14, 2017.  The volleyball floor sleeves were added the following month.

For additional information about the Neighborhood Place or Family Services Association, please visit their website.

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