Woodlake Baptist Church, located on San Antonio’s east side, constructed a multi-purpose building in 2016.  This expansion includes additional rooms for Sunday School, a full kitchen, storage, and a multi-purpose gym for basketball, volleyball, and other games and activities.  With plans to use the new gym space for so many different activities, having a truly multi-purpose gym floor was an absolute necessity.

The multi-purpose gym isn’t just used for sports.  The gym also serves as a space for a contemporary worship service, banquets, meetings, and after school programs.

During the school year, Woodlake Baptist offers free after school care to children attending a nearby elementary school.  The children are provided an escort from the school to the church, snacks, Bible lessons, games, and sports activities.

When working out the construction details, Sport Court® became a top contender as a multi-purpose gym floor, based on a committee member’s experience playing volleyball on Sport Court® gym flooring in college.  Other committee members visited facilities with Sport Court® flooring and spoke with staff at South Texas Sport Court to learn more about Sport Court® multi-purpose gym flooring and its numerous benefits.

The Sport Court® High Gloss Maple Select multi-purpose gym floor was delivered and installed in 2 days in July 2016 as one of the final steps in the construction process.

To learn more about Sport Court® multi-purpose gym flooring, please contact South Texas Sport Court for a no-cost design consultation.