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South Texas Sport Court offers gym design services in San Antonio and South Texas.  Whether your project is a small residential gym or a large multi-court commercial facility, we are able to assist with layout of the court space as well as making equipment recommendations.

Court Layout

Gyms come in all shapes and sizes.   A variety of factors should be considered when laying out the space.  The primary sports to be played in the gym will usually dictate much of the gym design.  However,  this doesn’t mean that courts must be regulation size.  For instance, we frequently make basketball courts slightly smaller than regulation.  This is often done to free up space for team benches or bleachers.

Game lines for secondary courts will often fit within the space allotted for the primary sport. For instance, 3 pickleball courts will comfortably fit within the space of a single basketball court. Or, extra basketball goals can be added along the side of a court. This allows more players to work on shooting drills at the same time.

Gym Design with Parquet Sport Court Flooring

Smart Design to Increase Commercial Gym Revenue

In the commercial gym market, an empty gym means less revenue.  If the gym design can include multiple sports, this may help increase cash flow.  For instance, most volleyball gyms are empty during the day while players are at school.  Adding pickleball to a volleyball gym may bring players during these daytime hours.  A basketball gym could offer a senior league during non-peak daytime hours.  And, with some creative divider curtains, court space could be used for yoga or pilates during quieter times.

Gym Design with Adjustable Basketball Goals

Basketball Goals

Gym design will impact the type of basketball goals that can be used.  When the goals are within 12’ of a wall, then a wall mount goal becomes a great option.  But, when goals are not near walls, then the choices are limited to ceiling mount, ground mount, or portable.  All of these have benefits and draw backs.  For instance, portable systems might be the best for a temporary situation.  However, the large heavy base on portable goals take up valuable floor space.  These often limit access around the court.  And, portable goals do damage gym floors.  When laying out a gym, we’ll recommend the best basketball goal for the space.

Gym Design with Seating Squares

Volleyball Systems

The design of the gym and how it will be used will determine which volleyball system is the best choice.  Competition volleyball systems are limited to volleyball.  Recreational systems typically have multi-sport capability due to more net height options.  So, if your gym is hosting pickleball during the day and volleyball after school, then you need a net system to accommodate both sports.

Tournament Gyms

Gyms that host tournaments will need additional space for spectators and concessions.  These gyms may also need space where players can relax between games.  The gym design should be tailored to how the space is being used and who is using it.  Some gym owners tend to forget that for every player on the court, there are likely 1 or 2 others off the court.  When laying out a tournament gym, we consider not only the players, but everyone else too.

Architectural Services

We do not provide architectural services.  However, we can work with your architect or designer to properly lay out the space.  Our goal in this process is to make sure that nothing is over looked.  We also want to make sure that the space is being used the best way possible.

All of our design work is done in AutoCAD with some editing in PhotoShop.  By using these industry standard tools, we are able to work off your existing architectural files.  This also enables us to send files to your designer in a format that they can open.  Of course, we also provide a PDF for your review.

Using AutoCAD for Gym Design

Contact Us

We’re happy to meet with you to discuss your project.  We have plenty of design experience to help with layout and equipment recommendations.  Our goal is to help gym owners open quickly with the best gym design and the best products at unbeatable prices.  Please contact South Texas Sport Court to discuss your project.

Gym Design Concepts

When planning to open a new gym, clients often ask how much space they need.  There’s no right answer to this question.  It really depends upon how they intend to use the facility.  To help owners, architects, and builders better understand the space requirements, we are providing several gym design concepts below.  Please feel free to download or share these with your project team.  And remember, these are just concepts.  We’re here to help you fine tune your gym’s design.

South Texas Sport Court Residential Gym Design 32x50
Gym Design with Half Court Basketball Courts
South Texas Sport Court Gym Design 66x90
Gym Design with 4 Pickleball Courts
South Texas Sport Court Gym Design 74x90
South Texas Sport Court Gym Design 74x100
South Texas Sport Court Volleyball Basketball Gym Design 76x100
South Texas Sport Court Gym Design 100x146
South Texas Sport Court Gym Design 108x100

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