In 2017, the San Antonio Children’s Shelter was ready to make some gymnasium upgrades, provided they could secure the necessary grant money to cover the costs.

At the top of the list, the flooring was overdue for replacement.  The gym also needed a permanently mounted basketball goal.  Of course, at South Texas Sport Court, we love these types of calls.

We’re always eager see how we can help children have a better safer place to play.

The gym building was constructed some years ago with a grant from a local energy company.  It was a square structure with a carpeted floor, several large garage doors to allow air flow, and no basketball goal and no game striping of any kind on the floor.

Staff at the Children’s’ Shelter indicated that the carpet was a cleaning nightmare.  No amount of vacuuming or shampooing could keep the carpet clean.

Within a few days of visiting with staff and collecting needed measurements, we were able to provide a flooring design with pricing as well as options and pricing to extend a wall upward and add a basketball goal.  Our proposal even included a floor scrubber so that staff could keep the new floor sparkling clean.

The Silver & Black Give Back (The Spurs Charitable Foundation) came through with funding for all of the gymnasium upgrades, including the floor scrubber.

Our first action was to remove the old carpet and then to extend the wall upward in order to support the new glass basketball backboard.  Once the backboard was installed, we installed the Sport Court® gym flooring.  For this project, we recommended Sport Court® Defense flooring which is made for roller sports, as bicycles and others wheeled items are frequently used in this gym.  The design included several colors of flooring to match the color theme at the Children’s Shelter. In addition to striping for basketball and volleyball, the layout also included four square and hopscotch.

The photos shown below show you some of the work as it was in progress.  Altogether, completing these gymnasium upgrades took roughly 1 week.

To learn more about Sport Court® gym flooring, please contact South Texas Sport Court for a free design consultation.

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Gymnasium Upgrades at the Children’s Shelter

Gymnasium Upgrades Childrens Shelter Basketball Goal

The south end of the gym had a closet that was just under 12 feet tall.  The other 3 walls were comprised mostly of garage doors.  The center portion of the wall was extended upward to that it was tall enough to hold the basketball goal backstop framework.

Gymnasium Upgrades Wall Mounted Basketball Goal

We added a cricket behind the new wall so that balls would roll off and not become trapped.  It’s this level of detail and thoughtfulness in every project that separates South Texas Sport Court from other specialty gym equipment and gym flooring installers.

Silver and Black Give Back Logo on the Gym Floor at the Children's Shelter

We used an adhesive vinyl stencil to mask off the area where we would paint the Silver and Black Give Back logo.  The court striping was masked off with blue painter’s tape.

Gymnasium Upgrades for Children's Shelter with Volleyball Stripes

The Silver and Black Give Back chose the silver flooring for the lane.  The rest of the flooring colors were chosen to match coloring being used elsewhere by the Children’s Shelter.

Gymnasium Upgrades Hopscotch Sport Court Gym Flooring

Different color Sport Court® pieces were used to create areas for hop scotch and four square.  A black border was used to mark the edge of the basketball court.

The Silver and Black Give Back Logo was painted on the gym floor at the Children's Shelter

The Sport Court® Defense flooring used on this project does not have a high gloss finish as some of our Response flooring does.  However, when clean, the Defense flooring will have a nice sheen as is seen in these photos.