Indoor volleyball systems come in a variety of configurations.  While all systems offer the various regulation net heights, many other details of the systems can vary.

Volleyball systems are available as three basic types:
Portable Volleyball Systems – These are most commonly used for tournaments held in convention centers or other non-gym buildings.
Ceiling Hung Volleyball System – These higher cost units are most often seen in university gyms.
Floor Mounted Volleyball Systems – These are the most common systems today due to cost, stability, and ease of set up.

Looking specifically at floor mounted systems, Gared Sports manufactures complete volleyball systems either out of steel or aluminum.  These systems are available as telescoping or non-telescoping.

The steel systems often have a smaller post diameter, but a heavier weight.  Aluminum systems provide lower weight, but have larger diameter posts.  For anyone who frequently sets up and then breaks down these systems, a telescoping unit combined with the lighter weight of aluminum is preferred.

The net height of telescoping systems is locked into place with either a pin or a cam.  The pin lock systems are pretty simple.  You just line up the holes and slide a clevis pin all the way through both posts to keep the inner telescoping post from moving.  The holes in pin in lock systems are factory drilled to meet the various regulation net heights.  Cam lock systems work differently.  Users slide the inner telescoping post to the desired height and then rotate a small handle to lock the cam into position.  Cam lock systems offer an greater number of net heights since the cam can be engaged with the inner post positioned to any net height between the lower and upper extents of the system.  People who are frequently adjusting the net between men’s and women’s heights, may opt for a pin lock system as these remove any and all guess work when setting the net height.

As pickleball gains popularity, some sports equipment manufacturers are moving towards multi-sport systems which will provide net heights as low as 3’ and as high at 8’.  These multi-sport systems will save time and money as users will be able to quickly raise or lower the net for pickleball, badminton, and volleyball.

To learn more about these volleyball systems or to request a quote, please contact South Texas Sport Court.