At South Texas Sport Court we receive many calls from coaches and business professionals who are looking to convert an old warehouses into an athletic complex for basketball, volleyball, futsal, pickleball, and more.  Sport Court® gym flooring is the ideal floor for these multi-sport facilities because only Sport Court® gym flooring provides athletes with “Lateral Forgiveness” shock absorbing technology to reduce knee, ankle, and other common injuries.  And, because many of these buildings are leased, Sport Court® gym flooring is ideal due to its portability and high resale value.

Ramiro Ortiz, the owner of Laredo Athletic Complex, quickly saw the value of Sport Court® gym flooring when he and his wife, Valentina, were repurposing an old warehouse into a gym.

Ramiro worked closely with South Texas Sport Court on the facility design and the floor layout to maximize the space for practice and tournaments.  As a result of this collaboration, Laredo Athletic Complex is laid out with two side by side basketball courts separated by a divider net, and one half court which is not connected to the full size courts.  Each full size court includes a volleyball court and the entire floor functions as one large futsal court when the divider net is filly opened.

Hundreds of athletes train at Laredo Athletic Complex each week.  The facility is also used for tournaments, birthday parties, and other activities & events.

If you or someone you know is considering a project like the Laredo Athletic Complex, please contact  South Texas Sport Court or to get our expert assistance laying out your gym.  Our experience working with dozens of facility owners, across a wide range of sports, gives us the ability to spot potential problems and also identify solutions so that your end result is better than you initially saw possible.

South Texas Sport Court Laredo Athletic Complex

Laredo Athletic Complex
708 Chaparral Street
Laredo, TX 78041