Competition Basketball Goals from Gared Sports

South Texas Sport Court offers wall mount and ceiling suspended basketball goals from Gared Sports.  We provide this service to help streamline the construction process for our clients.  We have founds that fewer installation crews and fewer companies trying to schedule these crews, makes every project run more smoothly.  By installing the basketball goals, volleyball systems, wall pads, and Sport Court® gym flooring, we are able to fine tune the delivery of materials and installation to avoid delays and save money.

On most projects we install Gared Sports LXP4200 competition glass backboards.   These backboards measure 72” x 42”.  They have a powder coated steel frame and 1/2” thick tempered glass.  This backboard is designed for all levels of play including NCAA, FIBA, and NBA.  Gared Sports manufactures several rim options to fit this backboard.   The LXP4200 can attached to wall mount and ceiling mount backstops.  It can also be used with the Gared Sports Adjust-a-Goal height adjuster, which lowers the rim from 10’ down to 8’.

For indoor applications, basketball goals can either attach to the wall or to the ceiling.  In either case, we must attach to the building’s structural framework.   Wall mounted goals can be positioned as far as 12’ from the wall.  In cases where the backboard is further than 12’ from the wall, a ceiling mounted system will be required.

Backstop Design Options

The backstop is the framework that connects the backboard to the wall or ceiling.  All backstops are available as stationary units.  Wall mounted backstops are available with a side folding design or a fold up design.  In most cases, side folding units are operated manually.  Units which fold upward are almost always raised and lowered with an electric hoist, operated by a keyed switch.  Ceiling mounted backstops may lift forward, backward, or sideways.  The direction of the lift is determined by the roof structure and location of the basketball goal within the building.  As with the wall mounted units, ceiling mounted are lifted with an electric hoist.  The are 8 standard colors for powder coating the backstops.  Custom colors are available for a added cost.

Gared Sports manufactures nearly 4 dozen 4 corner wall mount backstops.  The primary differences between all of these is the distance that the backboard will be offset from the wall and whether the backstop is stationary, side folding, or folds upward.  Generally speaking prices are lower when the Face-of-Bank (the distance from the wall to the front face of the backboard) is less.  As the Face-of-Bank increases, so does the cost.  Side folding backstops will cost more than stationary backstops.  Fold up systems have the added cost of the electric hoist and the keyed switch.  Please click here to view all of the 4 corner wall mount backstop options.

There are over 30 options for ceiling mounted backstops.  All of these units are custom made to fit the gymnasium’s ceiling framework.  A detailed site assessment must be performed before ordering a ceiling mounted backstop.  Installation of these systems should only be done by an experienced installer.  Please click here to view all of the ceiling mounted backstop options.

Rims, Pads, & Height Adjusters

Gared Sports manufactures several competition rims.  All of these rims meet and exceed NCAA guidelines.  Among these are the SNAPA and SNAPB rims which have been used by the NBA for over 20 years.  But, not everyone needs an NBA rim.  The Collegiate 2000 is their best selling competition rim and the rim we install more than any other.  Please click here to view all of the competition rims.

The padding for the bottom of the backboard is available in 16 colors.  This padding fits the LXP4200 backboard mentioned above as well as most other 72” backboards.  The padding can be purchased separately.  Click here to view the color options

The Adjust-a-Goal backboard height adjusters come standard with a hand crank.  These systems can also be ordered with an electric motor and keyed switch.  If do not plan to lower the basketball goal very often, then a manually operated height adjuster will be just fine.  However, if the goals are going in a PE gym or other gym frequently used by players who need a lower rim, then upgrading to the electric motor is the best choice.

For current best pricing on basketball goals, please call Eric Meyer at 210-241-0005.  You will find that our prices are absolutely unbeatable because we have less overhead and no commissioned sales force.

For current best pricing on basketball goals,
please call Eric Meyer at 210-241-0005.
Our prices are absolutely unbeatable because we have less overhead and no commissioned sales force.