Sport Court® gym flooring provides benefits that are not available elsewhere.

Unmatched Performance – Sport Court® gym flooring provides ball bounce and surface friction similar to higher cost hardwood floors.

Increased Safety – Only Sport Court® gym flooring provides patented “Lateral Forgiveness” which allows the floor to absorb energy across the floor as players start, stop, and change directions.  This feature of Sport Court® gym flooring is unique and is shown to reduce injuries when compared to hardwood and cushioned vinyl floors.

Nike-Tournament of Champions reported approximately half as many injuries when games played on Sport Court® were compared to games played on hardwood floors.

Competitive Purchase Price – Sport Court® gym flooring is often priced below hardwood and about the same as cushioned vinyl.

Lower Life Cycle Costs – Sport Court® gym flooring does not require the annual polyurethane top coating that is necessary on hardwood floors.  This alone saves roughly $80,000 over the lifespan of a single basketball court.

Sport Court® gym flooring is a floating floor which has none of the moisture damage risks associated with hardwood or cushioned vinyl floors.  If a piece of Sport Court® gym flooring becomes damaged, replacement of that piece takes as little as 15 seconds and the repair can be performed by on site staff.

EasyMaintenance – Sport Court® gym flooring requires about the same maintenance as a vinyl floor and a lot less maintenance than a hardwood floor.

Longer Life Span – Sport Court® gym flooring is known to last 25 to 30 years or more without any noticeable quality or performance problems. With moisture related issues, rot, and adhesive failure, today’s hardwood floors and cushioned vinyl floors rarely reach the 20 year mark.

More Design Options – Sport Court® gym flooring is available with a satin finish and a high gloss finish in 16 solid colors as well as 6 shades of high gloss Maple Select.

Logos or school mascots can be painted on Sport Court® gym flooring as well as any variety or combination of game markings.

If minor changes need to be made in the design, individual pieces of the floor can be moved or replaced to achieve the new design.

Multi-Functionality Usage – Gymnasiums are often the largest spaces within a school campus. Smaller schools and some churches may use their gym as an assembly hall, dining room, or science fair exhibit space. Sport Court® gym flooring is suitable for almost all activities and can absolutely be used just as any other gym floor would be used.

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