Is your PE Gym Floor designed with your curriculum in mind?

Fire stations are designed to get firemen down the pole, into the tuck, and out the door as quickly as possible.  Banks are designed for security.  Restaurants are designed for efficient kitchens and a comfortable dining experience.

Why not design PE Gym Floors to meet the

curriculum needs of the coaches?

At South Texas Sport Court, that’s exactly what we do.  We work directly with the coaches to lay out the PE Gym Floor to fit the needs of their curriculum.

Sport Court® gym flooring comes in a variety of colors, both with and without a high gloss finish.  Utilizing the different colors, coaches are able to lay out the PE Gym Floor with seating squares, four square, hop scotch, jogging lanes, and other elements which are frequently needed in a PE Gym.  And, if the curriculum changes, coaches are able to quickly and easily relocated or replace pieces of the flooring.

In addition to using the flooring itself to delineate specific parts of the curriculum, other elements such as lines, logos, and other shapes are painted on the PE Gym Floor with a long lasting urethane paint.  In most cases, the life span of the paint exceeds 20 years.

For projects utilizing Sport Court® high gloss Response gym flooring, we are able to digitally print photo quality images directly on the floor.  Rather than using just different color pieces of flooring, some coaches prefer to have shapes such as stars, squares, triangles, circles, or even the animal shapes printed onto the floor.  And, because the digital printing is done offsite, before the floor is installed, the process does not add any time to the on site installation time.

To learn more about the benefits of Sport Court® gym flooring or to work with our designers to create your perfect PE Gym Floor, please contact South Texas Sport Court for a free design consultation.

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