Videos are a great way to learn.  South Texas Sport Court provides a small, yet ever expanding video library here and on our YouTube channel.  These videos are designed to help inform viewers about all aspects of Sport Court gym flooring.

We have videos that show the installation process from start to finish.  Videos that teach maintenance staff how to quickly replace a piece of Sport Court gym flooring.  Videos about increasing the load carrying capacity of Sport Court flooring with Bleacher Block.  And, of course plans to continually create new relevant video content for our existing clients and those who just want to know more.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for, or if you need specific advice which is not covered in a video, please contact us for personalized service.  You may also find additional video content on other Sport Court video channels.

Why You Need Court Clean™

Adding a Logo to Your Floor

Sport Court® vs COVID-19

Installing Basketball Goals – Time Lapse

Installing Basketball Goals – Full Length

Installing Wall Pads

Installing Sport Court® Flooring

Painting Game Stripes

Installing Basketball Goals

Installing Sport Court® Flooring

Painting the Stripes

PE Curriculum Benefits

Performance and Safety

Parquet Install Time Lapse

Adding Bleacher Block

Super Easy Assembly

Replacing a Piece of Sport Court®

Outdoor Install Time Lapse

NCAA and USA Volleyball

NCAA Volleyball Court Install Time Lapse

Futsal Flooring

NBA Legend, Thurl “Big T” Bailey


Dr J.C. Baker on Sport Court®

Ledbetter Academy

Nancy Lieberman

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