Most fathers work hard to provide for their families.  They go in early and sometimes work late to meet that deadline, make that sale, or reach their quota.  Unfortunately, doing these things to be good providers can sometimes throw off the balance and not leave us with enough time for our children.

One father, a successful attorney, tells the story of how his young son called him one evening at work and asked, “Dad, can you come home early so we can play some basketball?”  This father had a habit of working into the night, nearly every night.  He said that the phone call from his son was a wake up call to him, that he was an absentee father.  He said that had he not had a Sport Court® in his backyard, that his son may not have called and that he may have missed his son’s childhood.

Sport Court® isn’t just about basketball, volleyball, pickleball, and all the other sports played on our courts.  Sport Court® is about family time.  It’s about teaching our children.  It’s about play time, game time, making great memories, and so much more.

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